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Role of spirituality in healthcare

The main aspect of the topic readings on which my eyes trapped in the role of spirituality in health care. It is because I think that  I am strictly religious. That’s why I am repeating this same sentence from the readings, “ The word compassion means `to suffer with` ”. Since we human practicing so many different religions to reach God or some say Creator, some research has shown that those who are more spiritual in life and mind, experience many benefits to their health, mental strength and well-being. For many of us, this knowledge would come as no surprise because spirituality and religious practicing have been a source of relief from stress for multitudes of people around the world. Additionally, a study by the University of Florida in Gainesville and Wayne State University in Detroit reveals that older people use prayer more than any other alternative therapy for health and  nearly 90% of study participants use prayer  to cope with stress. 

Finally, with increasing recognition of the role of spirituality in the health care field, hospital chaplains are being called on to help patients to cope with fear, stress and pain, make difficult end-of-life decisions and guide families through bereavement after a loss. They may help sick or dying patients reconnect with estranged family members (LAURA LANDRO 2013, Wall Street Journal). Wendy Cadge, a sociology professor at Brandeis University and author of the 2012 book “Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine,” says she has seen nurses in IC units pray for patients, or respiratory therapists say a prayer when they must remove a breathing tube, in the presence of family. So it is evident that spirituality in the healthcare field is parallel with medicines and has equal effects on the mind and body. 


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